On September 18th the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of stolen large round hay bales in the Kirk area. A total of 4 separate victims, all from the Kirk area, reported a total loss of approximately 40 hay bales worth over $2,000.

Sheriff’s Office patrol staff handled the case. Based on evidence at one of the scenes, the deputy’s investigation ultimately led to the identification of two suspects, Leroy Elmer Sisson of Kirk, and Kyle Thomas Witzel of Stratton. Deputies were able to locate the stolen hay bales on Sisson’s property and efforts are currently underway to return the property to its rightful owners.

Sisson and Witzel were arrested this morning (Monday) and are currently in custody at the Yuma County Jail. Because both individuals were charged with felonies, they are currently being held without bond until they are advised of their charges by a district court judge. Sisson is charged with a single count of Felony Theft, and Witzel is charged with a single count of Felony Theft and four counts of Felony Third Degree Criminal Trespass.

Sheriff Chad Day commented, “This was great work by the patrol deputies, but one of the most helpful elements of this kind of circumstance is when the victims report their loss as soon as they notice it. That is exactly what happened in this case and what allowed the case to be solved so quickly.”