On 9/14/16 Sheriff Chad Day and Undersheriff Adam Wills presented the 2017 budget proposal to the Yuma County Board of Commissioners. Sheriff Day believes that posting this budget for public access is an important measure of transparency. He believes the public deserves to know what we’re requesting and why.

You will quickly recognize that the primary focus of this year’s budget presentation is personnel, as it has been in the last several budget proposals. Competitive compensation for current staff that make this agency operate in a professional and efficient way, as well as increased staffing levels to share the heavy load of responsibility is of utmost importance in comparison to every other funding request.

You can expect to see an update posted when the Board of County Commissioners budgeting process is complete and we know what resources we will have to work with in the coming year.

You can review the budget proposal along with the articulation given for the requests by clicking on the photo link below: