The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office respects the rights of all citizens to free speech. In an effort to support an environment that assists the Sheriff’s Office and its personnel in meeting community outreach, problem-solving, crime prevention, and related objectives, all posts and comments to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page are subject to the following guidelines as established under Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Policy:

  • Posted comments will be monitored, the page’s administrator(s) reserve the right to remove obscenities, off-topic comments, and personal attacks.
  • The page administrator(s) reserves the right to ban an individual from the page for continued use of obscenities, off-topic comments, personal attacks, and/or general abuse of the page.
  • The page administrator(s) reserves the right to use their own discretion in determining what constitutes obscenities, off-topic comments, personal attacks, and/or abuse.
  • Any content posted or submitted for posting is subject to public disclosure.
  • Citizens who are the subject of content (i.e. press releases, wanted posters, etc.) posted to this page may wish to dispute the content’s continued availability and may request for its removal. Citizens may do so by filling out a “Request for Removal from Social Media” form in-person at the Sheriff’s Office. The form is also available below

All information is public information and is therefore utilized by the Sheriff’s Office in compliance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA); C.R.S. 24-72-201 to 24-72-309.

Please complete the following form and return to the Sheriff’s Office in-person or by mail.  Alternatively, you may email the form to