Denver Post Article: Yuma County Sheriff Struggles with Massive Land Area, Too Few Deputies

Tom McGhee with The Denver Post called us saying he “heard a rumor that Yuma County was a hotbed of illegal marijuana grows and cartel activity.” Looks like his story ended up taking a bit of a different tone.

We appreciate Mr. McGhee writing a pretty accurate account of what he found way out here, but more importantly, we are grateful that he actually came out in person to visit with us and even do a ride-a-long to see for himself what Deputies are facing. That’s the best way to get your questions answered too, and we invite you to do the same.

To apply for a ride-along, fill out the application packet available HERE and return it to the Sheriff’s Office in Wray.

"Keep up the good work for the community. It is excellent place to live in."

Charlotte Ritchey

"Thank you for your service Yuma County Sheriff for keeping us safe we have your back."

Michael Walker

"Thank you, Yuma County Sheriff! Sure looks like you all have been working hard and over time protecting your citizens. You are appreciated."

Brandy Ward