May 7, 2018 – Clifton Boggess (55) and Connie Sizemore (48) have both been convicted in Yuma County District Court for their involvement in the 2017 case where the Sheriff’s Office dismantled a marijuana grow at their residence south of Yuma. The grow contained over 1,700 plants and 2 pounds of finished marijuana product. Faulty wiring that powered the grow’s high-powered lighting ballasts, fans and hydroponic systems led to a structure fire at the residence last June.

Bogges pled guilty in District Court today to one count of Distribution of Marijuana and Marijuana Concentrate (a class 2 drug felony). He was sentenced to serve 6 years confinement in the Colorado Department of Corrections with a mandatory 2 years of parole.

For her involvement in the case, Sizemore pled guilty last December to one count of Marijuana Cultivation (a class 3 Drug Felony), and one count of Criminal Mischief (a class 1 misdemeanor), for which she was granted a 2-year deferred sentence and 2 years of probation.