Sheriff Chad Day being sworn in as CSOC President

During last week’s County Sheriff’s Of Colorado winter conference, Sheriff Chad Day was unanimously elected President of the statewide association of Colorado Sheriffs.

Sheriff Day has been on the CSOC board of directors for the past 5 years, and the last 4 as an officer on the leadership team. Sheriff Day’s representation on the association of Sheriffs in the state allows Yuma County to have an influence and impact on the direction of law enforcement locally and on a broader reach, and now as the President of the association can continue to advocate for rural law enforcement as well as law enforcement in general.

“It is a high and unique honor to be elected by the Sheriffs of this state to represent them and lead our association. It is both encouraging to have the unanimous support of Colorado Sheriffs and humbling to uphold the institution of the Office of Sheriff.”

The last time a Sheriff from Yuma County or this region of the state was in a leadership position with CSOC, Yuma County Sheriff Bruce Zulauf served the association as President in 1994, which incidentally, was the year Sheriff Day graduated from Yuma High School.