In November of last year, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release notifying citizens of their manhunt for Ian Glenn Packer.  The manhunt began after a warrant had been issued for Packer for violating a protection order.  The warrant stemmed from Packer being witnessed at the Eagle Gas Station in Yuma with a victim of a past crime in which he had been convicted earlier in the year.  This case quickly evolved into what was believed to be a possible kidnapping.  In addition to this case, Packer had 3 additional warrants with a total of 13 felony charges.

A search warrant was executed on Packer’s residence at 413 E. Beatty Ave during the late evening hours of November 24 with the assistance of the Morgan County Combined Special Response Team.  Packer was not in the residence at the time the search warrant was executed, however, several items of evidence associated with the new charges along with a mobile meth lab, and a large quantity of methamphetamine was located.

The Sheriff’s Office’s manhunt for Packer led them to Fort Collins, where on November 30 they had received several tips that Packer was hiding out.  The Sheriff’s Office coordinated with the Fort Collins Police Services (FCPS) and resources were put into place in an effort to locate and apprehend Packer.

In the early morning hours of December 1, FCPS received a report of a stolen vehicle.  One of their patrol units attempted to make contact with the stolen vehicle and Packer fled on foot from the stop.  He was apprehended a short time later after he was found hiding in a garage.

On Monday April 4, Packer accepted plea offers in each of his cases.  This means that Packer chose to plead guilty to a number of charges in return for the District Attorney’s Office dismissing the remainder of the other charges.  Packer plead guilty to 2nd Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon (Causing Injury) and Possession of Methamphetamine Precursors, and was sentenced to a total of 13 years’ incarceration in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Packer still has an active case in Larimer County with pending charges of 1st Degree Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, 1st Degree Trespass of a Dwelling, Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, Violation of a Protection Order, and Violation of Bail Bond Conditions.