Both schools in Wray and Idalia have been cancelled today due to an anonymously posted veiled threat on a smartphone app called Yik Yak. Law enforcement is working with both school staffs to do everything that can be done to keep students safe. Other area schools are aware of the situation and taking proper precautions as well. The city of Wray Police Department was the originating agency last night, and we will share any updates they make.

On Wednesday February 18, 2015, the Wray Police Department was made aware of a potential threat on YIK YAK (an app which allows the user to send messages anonymously within a certain geographical area) to the Wray School District staff and students. The School Administrators were contacted by the Wray Police Department and made aware of the situation. While we have no credible evidence to pinpoint a specific location or people targeted, we at the Wray Police Department take statements like the ones posted on YIK YAK seriously and as such a thorough search is being conducted and an active investigation is ongoing at this time.