On 6/18/14 a Deputy responded to a location near County Road 52 and County Road D on a report of a cattle theft.  On 6/20/14 another Deputy responded to a report of a “mutilated cow” near County Road 54 and County Road H.  It was determined that the cow was not mutilated but rather was in a partial state of butchering and had been abandoned at that location during the process.

With the assistance of the State Brand Inspector’s Office, the cow’s hair was clipped and the brand was confirmed to be that of the stolen cattle reported two days earlier.  The Deputy who took the original case conducted a very thorough investigation and was able to develop a suspect; Kelly Gardell Korf of Eckley.

Korf was evasive during the investigation and could not be located for questioning.  Through further investigation the Deputy obtained probable cause against Korf and was able to obtain a warrant for Korf’s arrest for Agriculture – Theft of Animals/Livestock, Livestock Carcass – Killing for Own Use Without Hide and Theft $20,000 to $100,000.  Korf was arrested on the warrant on 7/20/14 and is currently being held in the Yuma County Jail on a $10,000 bond.