Press Release  April 3, 2012

 On April 1st, at approximately 3A.M., a grass fire was reported in the area of Yuma County Roads 12 and CC which is three miles North and one mile West of the town of Idalia.

Volunteer Fire Departments from Idalia, Hale, Armel, Joes, and Wray were called to fight the blaze.  The fire started West of that intersection in a pasture grass field.  The fire was generally contained in a shallow canyon and moved to the Northeast for about a mile.  The fire was intensely fought throughout the day, but thankfully was contained to about a 200 acre area.

Shortly after firefighters arrived to fight the fire, it was discovered that a car was in the burn area near where the fire started.

Yuma County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene at about 3:30 and found that there was the badly burned skeletal remains of an adult person in the burned car.

A Fire investigator from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and a Crime Scene Investigator from CBI were called and responded to the scene for assistance. 

At this time, it does not appear that this was a criminal act, but very likely an accident.  The identity of the skeletal remains have not yet been confirmed, but there is evidence to suggest that the person was a resident of Florissant, Missouri.  The Yuma County Coroner took possession of the remains and is having an autopsy done by a Forensic Medical Examiner to assist in confirming identity.

 If you have any questions please contact Angel Earl at the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office 970-332-4805 or for interviews contact Sheriff Chad Day at the same number.