Press Release  March 22, 2012

For Immediate Release

Sheriff Day has been able to contact and visit with all three firemen who suffered injuries during the Heartstrong fire.  The three injured fireman are Jennifer Struckmeyer , Damon Struckmeyer and Darren Stewart.  Jennifer is still in critical condition and underwent some surgeries on her burns yesterday.  It was reported that it went better than expected.  Jennifer continues to fight heroically every day to heal from her injuries. Damon is undergoing outpatient treatment today as well for burns to his back and arms. Darin Stuart is not receiving any medical treatment at this time and continues to heal at home from facial burns.


To date the Sheriff’s Office has received preliminary reports of livestock loss to be around 40 to 50 head.  The cattle were either killed in the fire or euthanized due to injuries suffered in the fire, however 300 to 400 head are still unaccounted for.  The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has asked all residents with losses to please call our office to report the amount of damage.  The preliminary figure for property loss is at half a million dollars so far and expected to dramatically increase as farmers and ranchers are able to assess the damage.  We continue to work with all the victims to get appraisals of damage.  We do know that about 80 miles of fence will need to be replaced and the farmers and ranchers will need to condition their land against top soil blowing away from high winds.


The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is working with  electrical company experts  to determine an exact cause of the fire.  It does appear to have started due to an electrical spark of some kind.


The Sheriff’s Office  has  received many offers of donations and help from many businesses and organizations and are coordinate those with victims in need of assistance.


Please contact PIO Angel Earl- Yuma County Sheriff’s Office for further updates 970-332-4805

If you would like an interview with Sheriff Chad Day this can also be arranged.

Thank you

Sheriff Chad Day