Some Horse Adoption Questions Answered: 

  1. How will I get to choose which horse I want to adopt?
    1. You will notice on the adoption application a question that asks your preference of horse/horses.  Early in the afternoon, we will start drawing an order of selection using a lottery system, giving Yuma County residents preference.  Depending on the number of interested parties at the event, whoever is selected to choose the animal they want to adopt will initially get to choose up to two horses.  Once everyone has made their selections, the list will repeat until there are no more horses, or no more interest in the horses that have not been chosen.
  2. Will I be able to take the horse/horses I adopt home the day of the adoption?
    1. Unless you are transporting them out of Colorado, you will be allowed to take them that day.  Your purchase may subject you to a site inspection.  If you are taking them out of state, the brand inspector and veterinarian will be on site to make those arrangements.
  3. What will the costs of adoption be?
    1. There is a $100 cash adoption fee per horse.
    2. If the horse will be transported out of the state, you must pay for a $25 blood test and pay $5 per day boarding until the test results are received (could be up to 1 week).
    3. Brand inspection will $4 per horse.
  4. Will I be able to register my adopted horse?
    1. At this point, we cannot assure you of that.  We have photo copies of the AQHA registration for some of the horses, but not the originals which are required to transfer registration.  We are still efforting toward getting the signed originals.
  5. Will I be able to keep my adopted horse?
    1. Yes.  Although the court process has not reached a final disposition, the courts have ordered the Sheriff to “dispose” of the seized and forfeited horses.  It is the Sheriff’s sole decision how they are disposed of.  (The court uses the word dispose in a very general way.  Disposal can be auction, sale, adoption, return, or euthanization.)